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look ForwArD to与hopE For的区别

look forward to [英][luk ˈfɔ:wəd tu:][美][lʊk ˈfɔrwəd tu] 企; 期望,盼望; 瞩望; 属望; look forword to (doing) sth。 例句 Do you look forward to old age, or do you dread frailty, loss of memory...

从意思上区分 1.except意为“预料,预期,认为某事会发生”,它表达一种想法,而不是一种情感。如:I except sth意味着“我就有很好的理由去想它将会发生”。 We expect to leave here in three years.我们预期3年内我们会离开这里。 I‘m expecting ...

给你两句句子 we are looking forward to holding a party. 我们很想开一个派对。 这里的to 是介词 He looked forward to see where his mother would go. 他向前看看了,想知道他妈妈要去哪里。 这里表示,往前看,to 是动词不定式 不懂问我

hope to buy,想去买(。。。),一般是具体的事物,任何人用钱都可以买得到的东西。 be after直接理解为“在后面,跟随”,引申一下“追求,向往”,偏向于精神方面的追求 look for 就是普通的“寻找”的意思

Warmest regards Best wishes yours sincerely Talk to you soon Take care I look forward to hearing from you again I’ll talk to you again soon Take care, and good luck

thanks for your reply,hope we can cooperate in the near future!kind ...Thank you for your reply, looking forward to opportunities to work together...

be keen on… / i prefer /i desire/i expect

楼主,你好,此句的意思是 从希望到期待,从失望到绝望准确无误,谢谢!

hearing form 收到。。。的来信 look forward to 后面使用动词ing 如有疑问,请追问。 无疑后请采纳。 书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟。 -----------与君共勉-----------

to you(in the attachment), and I'm very looking forward to further ...for showing interest in my work.i am writing this email in hope of ...

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