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be taken into account 可以考虑 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 被考虑 例句: 1. These findings are therefore likely to be taken into account when nice next reviews its guidelines. 因此在下一次nice考虑其指导方针时,极可能会考虑这...

taken into account的中文翻译 taken into account 考虑在内 双语例句 1 The defendant asked for a number of other offence to be taken into account. 被告要求考虑其他一些罪行。 2 Or 21 cents per share less, once an anticipated divide...

taken into account 考虑到 双语例句 1 Seasonal variations need to be taken into account. 需要考虑到季节性变化。 2 The direction of the prevailing winds should be taken into account. 应该将盛行风的方向考虑在内。

考虑到 希望能帮助你 有不明白请追问 如果满意了请采纳哦


可以 41kb There is some cleverness in striking Libya instead of Bahrain or Yemen, and this cleverness does, in fact, take U.S. interestsinto account. 袭击利比亚要比袭击巴林或也门要明智得多。 事实上,这一明智...

CATIA 有限元分析前要做支撑面,之后在其上加载载荷或者约束!

在制定公司长期计划时,团队建设需要考虑到什么程度? 可以考虑以下:1.好的团队需要一个优秀的领导,有良好品德、强的领导能力等;2.需要遵循一个统一的价值观或者目标;公平的奖赏等

take account ofsth与take sthinto account意思基本一样。 所以‘’某事应该被考虑‘’用Something should be taken account of 或 Something should be ...

be taken into account 被纳入考虑, take sth. into account 把某事纳入考虑 都是固定搭配, Let us take advantage into account. 让我们往好处想吧. Seasonal variations need to be taken into account. 需要考虑到季节性变化。

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